Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 4

Quentin: We just finished watching the season finale of The Vampire Diaries.

Jake: Season 4.

Jason: We didn't plan on doing a review, but Jake was over here watching with us, and when it finished, we looked at each other and Quentin said, “Let’s hit the table.”

Jake: This is for people who have seen the final episode. SPOILERS AND LOTS OF THEM after the jump.

Quentin: Before we get started, don’t forget we’ll be revealing the cover of Brad’s next book tomorrow, May 20, at 7:30pm CDT.

Jason: #TheReturn.

Jake: There will also be a contest in conjunction with the reveal.

Jason: And a $25 Amazon gift card for one lucky winner.

Quentin: And we have the book description coming up on Wednesday.

Jason: #TheReturn.

Jake: With another $25 gift card.

Quentin: Lots of cash flying around on the blog next week. Okay, onto the review…

Quentin: Personally, I thought the last two episodes kicked ass.

Jake: Me too. Elena force feeds the cure to Katherine. No idea what the fallout from that will be.

Jason: Stefan is the Silas doppelganger.

Quentin: Damon gets the girl.

Jake: I could tell you were enjoying that.

Jason: And Stefan’s now locked in a safe at the bottom of some river.

Jake: I loved the return of the dead characters when the veil to the other side came down.

Quentin: I thought it was a cheesy idea at first, but I admit, it turned out to be a nice payoff for longtime fans.

Jake:  Kol, Lexi, Alaric, and of course—

Jason: Jeremy! Who gets brought back from the dead at the end. Did that feel like a cheat?

Jake: The thought crossed my mind. It would be nice to have narrative rules around the death of a character. Some things should be final. But Travis said Joss Whedon did it with Buffy, so—

Quentin: They should have brought back Matt’s sister.

Jason: That would have been cool. Someone should make a buddy movie with Chris Pine and Zach Roerig.

Jake: I would watch that. But why was there no Matt and Jeremy bromance reunion scene? Lots of the Damon and Alaric bromance, but no Matt and Jeremy?

Jason: Julie Plec really dropped the ball there.

Quentin: Maybe she knew there was no way to write a scene between those two that didn’t end with them making out.

Jake: I don’t see why that’s a problem.

Jason: I’m not a big Rebekah fan, but thank God at least someone is kissing Matt. Otherwise he’s just a huge wasted opportunity.

Quentin: I’m not sure I want to endure another season of Silas, even if it might make Stefan 5% more interesting.

Jason: Are you going to watch The Originals?

Quentin: No. I’m not that kind of Klaus fan.

Jake: I like Elijah though.

Quentin: That’s true. If I hear that Elijah is a big part of the story, I may check it out. Do you think Matt and Rebekah are gone next year?

Jason: I bet not.

Jake: There are still things that bother me about the show. I never liked the idea of a vampire “turning off her humanity.”

Jason: And every character in the show mentions it at some point, as if the writers don’t want us to forget that Elena’s not really a monster. And the whole, “Silas wants to drop the veil, take the cure and die, so that he can escape supernatural purgatory.” It just smacks of a vampire show in its fourth season.

Jake: Lots of nice moments though, like toward the end when Elena offers Stefan the cure. I had never thought of that, and it made perfect sense.

Quentin: I wish he had taken it and left the show.

Jason: You are way too hard on him.

Quentin: I’ve already made my case against Stefan.

Jake: Another nice moment between Caroline and Klaus.

Quentin: <using Klaus’s accent> “Tyler is now free to return to Mystic Falls. He’s your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes.”

Jason: Those two could be epic.

Jake: We haven’t even mentioned this was a graduation episode.

Quentin: No! I’m graduating in two weeks. I don’t want to think about it. Besides—

Jason: It was totally unbelievable that they could pull it together for five minutes, let alone long enough to graduate.

Quentin: And why didn’t Tyler come back for the finale?

Jake: Because Michael Trevino probably had another job.

Quentin: Bad answer.

Jason: A strong ending to a very uneven season.

Quentin: I'm with you, little brother. There were a lot of episodes I watched in the background.

Jake: Maybe we’ll check in again next year, mid-season.

Quentin: What did you think of the end of The Following?

Jake: I don’t believe Joe’s dead.

Jason: Not for a second.


  1. Glad I decided to check the site today, if only to watch that darn countdown widget move so slow. I've been a fan of Vampire Diaries, since dare I say it, yes I was one of those giddy Twilight fans...Edward used to be hot, not so much now...Thanks for waiting until the evening for the reveal. Those of us who work day jobs appreciate it.

  2. Stephanie Meyer is completely unashamed of her cliches, and there's something refreshing about that. -Jason