About the Three Amigos

Quentin addresses some Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Three Amigos?

First there’s me. I’m Quentin Walsh and I’m 18 years old. Then there’s my little brother, Jason. He’s 16. And his boyfriend, Jake McAlister, who’s 17.

So this is a blog run by three teenage boys?


Cool. What do you do here?

We review movies.

So who’s Brad Boney?

Brad is the author of The Nothingness of Ben. It’s a book about my family. We are all characters in the novel. Brad's second book is called The Return. We're also in that book, but only as supporting characters.

Who's that book about?

Topher Manning. He's one of the mechanics who worked with Travis in The Nothingness of Ben.

Who’s Ben?

My older brother. Jason and I also have a younger brother, Cade. He just turned 15.

Why isn't he the fourth amigo?

Because he’d rather play baseball than sit around talking about movies.

Can anyone read Brad’s book?

I don’t recommend it for straight guys, because it’s got some gay sex in it. It’s basically the story of Ben and Travis. Women love the book, and we've heard from a lot of moms (and even some grandmothers). It’s not a book for children, but age of consent in Texas is 17. So if you’re old enough to do it, you’re old enough to read about it.

Are all three of you gay?

No. I’m a perfect Kinsey zero.

But Jason and Jake are boyfriends?


How long has that been going on?

Since about May of 2011.

So they celebrated their two-year anniversary?

Can we move along to another topic, please?

Do you have to be 17 to read the blog?

Jesus, no. We’re just reviewing movies, for Christ’s sake. If you’re a teenage boy like us, we’d love to have you as a reader. Straight or gay. We may let a curse word fly every now and then, but that’s just how teenagers talk. We actually clean up our language for this.

Do I have to read the book to enjoy the reviews?

No. Some of the stories might go over your head, but if that bothers you, then read the book.

Can girls read your reviews?

These questions are moronic. Of course girls can read our reviews. But keep in mind we’re three dudes sitting around a table talking about movies. Except when Dakota is around, there is no estrogen in the Walsh house.

Who’s Dakota?

My girlfriend.

Do I have to put up with commercials for Brad’s books?

Every once in a while. But they’re good books, so at least we’re not peddling shit on a shingle.

Do you guys have a Twitter handle?

Yes. @Thr3eAmigos


  1. Three amigos are the best, always make me laugh:) pls continue ;-)

  2. Thanks, Viera. We plan to continue for a while at least. Thanks for reading. Q.

  3. Hello boys! Love your blog. I just finished Ben's story, and let me tell you it was a terrific one indeed.
    I'll be back again to read more of your reviews as I love action adventure movies!
    Thanks guys for the great laughs. :)


  4. Thanks for reading, Pomma! -Jason