Friday, March 22, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen

Quentin: Today we went to see Olympus Has Fallen. This movie is right in the Walsh brothers’ sweet spot.

Jason: I’ll say. We love a movie with things blowing up and saving the world.

Jake: This one certainly fits the bill.

Quentin: What did you think, Jake?

Jake: I doubt I enjoyed it as much as you did. But everyone knows exactly what they’re selling and it certainly delivers.

Jason: Gerard Butler is very easy on the eyes.

Jake: He’s perfect. Everybody is good. Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Aaron Eckhart.

Jason: I love Aaron Eckhart.

Quentin: Me too. He’s an appealing actor.

Jake: The movie was missing something at the end. Something unexpected.

Quentin: I would agree with that. I was just so happy to see a competent film that made sense for a change, and didn’t feel like it was directed by four different people. The set up was credible.

Jason: Very nice bit turn by Ashley Judd.

Quentin: Yes. The stakes were high. The narrative was clear. Appropriate use of an adorable kid. It’s a loud, stupid, highly improbable movie that frankly I loved. I admit, it wasn’t Armageddon great, but it was good fun for those of us who enjoy this kind of film.

Jason: I want to talk about the politics.

Jake: You getting on your soapbox, Walsh?

Jason: You got a problem with that, McAlister?

Jake: Not at all.

Quentin: He’s feisty today.

Jake: I love it when he gets that way.

Jason: There was a tone at the end. This is a movie about a terrorist attack on the White House. If you don’t want to see a movie about a terrorist attack, definitely skip this one. It has moments of real brutality.

Jake: Antoine Fuqua doesn’t pull any punches.

Jason: Except the patriotism seems like it’s from another time. I don’t know anyone who sees the world as black and white. Good vs. Evil. Do you?

Jake: No. Kids today don’t think that way.

Jason: Let’s face it. The country is messed up. The fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling, the sequester—they’re all self-inflicted wounds. We are literally our own worst enemy.

Jake: So you think the movie has something to say about that?

Jason: Yes. It provides us with a common enemy—a unifying force. We have no access to patriotism right now. I don’t even know what it means anymore, when assholes like John McCain put his party before the country.

Quentin: Tell everyone your theory for how to fix it.

Jason: The government should be run by young people. No one over 45 in the Senate or House, and no one over 55 in the White House. There are all these minimum age requirements in the Constitution. I think there should be maximum ones, too.

Jake: It’s not like old people have a monopoly on stupidity, though.

Jason: I understand that. But when I read the news, I see a bunch of senior citizens who are seriously out of touch with the world I live in. This movie feeds into my secret desire to go back to the drawing board—to tear it all down and rebuild it from scratch. I think a lot of people would like to fire everyone in charge and start all over. Don’t you?

Quentin: I don’t pay attention.

Jason: Then you’re part of the problem.

Quentin: Probably.

Jake: I just don’t see what you saw in this film. The moral lines were clearly drawn.

Jason: I didn’t think about it until the President’s speech at the end. I’m not going to spoil anything, but there’s a tone—an acknowledgement that we’ve fucked things up. It’s as if all the buttons that these kinds of movies are designed to push are gone. 

Quentin: Who’s your pick for American Idol?

Jason: Are you serious?

Quentin: Yes. This discussion bores me. Has Angie Miller won you over yet?

Jake: I like Burnell.

Jason: Who is Keith Urban?

Jake: Nicole Kidman’s husband.

Jason: Where is he from?

Jake: Australia, I think.

Quentin: He’s a country singer.

Jason: A country singer from Australia? How does that happen?

Quentin: I take it you don’t like him.

Jason: I hate him. How old is he?

Jake: Wikipedia says 45.

Jason. Oh my god. He’s 45 and he wears streaks in his hair like that? He’s making a fool of himself up there. Especially sitting next to Nicki Minaj.

Quentin: She’s the best thing to happen to Idol since Lambert.

Jason: I wish they would just get rid of the other judges and let her talk the whole time. As for Angie Miller, I’m not on board yet. I thought she over sang “Yesterday”. Burnell had the best jacket. Lazaro should have gone home for that outfit alone. He’s like a poor man’s Kurt Hummel.

Jake: At least we won’t have another white guy with a guitar.

Quentin: Topher is a white guy with a guitar.

Jake: Yeah, but he has a band. Did you hear they did the photo shoot for the cover?

Quentin: Hear? Brad showed me the proofs.

Jason: Really?

Quentin: I told you I’m his favorite.

Jason: How did they look?

Quentin: Amazing. They got the perfect shot. Topher looks great.

Jake: We get the exclusive, right? The first look at the cover?

Quentin: Of course. I put it in the contract.

Jason: We have a contract?

Quentin: Shhh. Top secret.

Jason: You are so weird sometimes.

Quentin: Were we talking about a movie?

Jake: Only tangentially, it seems. It’s good for what it is. Any moviegoer knows immediately if this is in their wheelhouse. And it’s not like you can’t screw this kind of film up, because you can.

Quentin: Battle Los Angeles anyone?

Jason: The worst. You can see Aaron Eckhart suffering through that one.

Jake: If you like big fun movies where stuff blows up and good triumphs over evil…

Jason: How are we defining “good”?

Jake: …then this is a well-done entry into the genre. Butler is awesome. The characters have a sense of humor despite their predicament. It includes an excellent bromance. I just wish that cliché at the end wasn’t four stories high and painted bright red.

Quentin: I thought it was comforting. That’s why I love these movies. I watch them when I get depressed and they help. I don’t know why.

Jason: Escapism.

Quentin: Maybe. Probably. Did you see Ryan Gosling is taking a break from acting?

Jake: I loved his comments, like he’s sick of himself. We’ll see how he does next week.

Jason: We’re going to see The Place Beyond the Pines?

Quentin: Yep. Gos and Cooper together at last.

Jason: That's some blonde hair he's got in the trailer.


  1. I'm glad you guys gave this movie a thumbs up. I had planned on seeing it, but a bad review from you might have swayed me, even with the promise of Gerard Butler (sigh). Thanks for the teaser about the next book, I'll cross my fingers for an early release date. Oh, and if the cover of the book showed up here on your blog, what a treat for your loyal fans....I may be going out on a limb here for you guys to cut off, but your age restrictions are a little tough. With those numbers, I couldn't get in the Senate but I could still make it to the White House. (Ha, as if) I don't think it's necessarily age that skews a person, I think it's just the person. Remember, you too will be older someday, but I bet you will remain wise. Don't ever change, I love your reviews and views....

  2. Thanks, Betty! Jason here. Sometimes I just need to get on my soapbox =) And I have it from an excellent source that the cover will show up here first. You have NO IDEA how much we appreciate you!

  3. Ok, saw this movie over the weekend and I loved it. Of course, Gerard Butler playing such a huge part was a major draw for me. I see why you jumped up on your soapbox about politics. The movie sort of made you feel very "American", and want to run home and throw a flag up on your lawn. Thanks again for the reviews.

  4. Didn't you love Ashley Judd? Jason.

  5. I did see her but only because I didn't blink. I can't imagine what incentive there was for her to take a part where the script reads you get to dress up, speak a couple of lines then (spoiler alert) you die in a car crash.

  6. The incentive was $250K for two days work. Q.

  7. Drat, too late for me to change careers now. ;.)