Friday, February 22, 2013

Three Amigos Take Over

Quentin Walsh: Wow. This place looks like it got a face lift. We don’t have a review today, but we have a very special guest instead.

Jake McAlister: Can you really call him a guest?

Jason Walsh: Yeah, it’s kind of his blog.

Quentin: Not anymore. Welcome, Brad.

Jake: It’s so cool that you’re here.

Jason: You know there’s always an open chair at our roundtable.

Brad Boney: Thanks, guys. I just wanted to stop by and hand over the reins. This blog is now officially yours. Try not to burn it down, okay?

Quentin: We don’t make any promises.

Brad: How do you like the new design?

Jake: Amazing.

Brad: You worked with L.C. Chase, right?

Quentin: Right. She was awesome. And we were not easy clients. Jason was a real diva.

Jason: It’s a sin to lie, you know.

Brad: It looks like someone turned the lights on in here.

Jake: It puts a smile on my face.

Jason: Me too. It makes us look way cooler than we actually are.

Quentin: Speak for yourself.  She posted the email we sent her, by the way. Everyone should go check it out. She’s like the fun older sister we never had. Thanks, L.C.

Brad: I brought you some numbers.

Jake: You mean page views?

Brad: Yes. First, let me just say your reviews are by far the most popular posts on the blog. Nothing I ever wrote even comes close.

Quentin: Did the world really need another author blogging about the writing process?

Brad: No, it didn’t. I owe you boys a big thank you for getting me out of that business. What do you think is your most popular review?

Jason: I’d say Les Mis.

Jake: Me too.

Brad: You would be wrong.

Quentin: My review of The Hobbit?

Brad: Sorry.

Jake: Django Unchained?

Brad: That’s it.

Jake: Are you serious? It’s because of my riff on dramatic irony.

Brad: I think that probably had something to do with it. Les Mis is No. 2, by the way. You guys will still pimp my books occasionally, right?

Quentin: Come on. You really have to ask? We’re in The Return.

Brad: Yes, you are. All three of you.

Jake: We can’t wait until July.

Brad: I got another surprise for you.

Jason: T-shirts?

Brad: No, not yet. But I like that idea. I got you a Twitter account.

Jake: No way!

Brad: You are @Thr3eAmigos. All I ask is that you keep it relatively clean. I don’t want any 2 a.m. emails warning me that you’re about to be suspended.

Quentin: Do you think we can start a Twitter war with Brett Easton Ellis?

Brad: Now that’s exactly what I’m talking about. No Twitter wars, please.

Quentin: Jesus, come on. It would be fun. Have you heard Jason’s take on Less Than Zero?

Jason: Don’t get me started.

Brad: Maybe another time. Right now, please behave.

Quentin: You know we’re going to have more followers than you.

Brad: Game on, dude.

Jake: Can we have any special guests? Like Colin and David?

Brad: If they’re in town, sure. But no Ben and Travis.

Jason: Why not?

Brad: Because I said so. You don’t want Ben poking around anyway. He’ll only see it as an opportunity for self-promotion.

Quentin: Did you hear that Cade showed Travis some of the reviews on Goodreads?

Brad: I heard. There are a lot of Ben haters out there.

Quentin: Travis went ballistic. “They don’t understand him at all!” he kept yelling.

Jake: How did Ben take it?

Quentin: Are you kidding? He doesn’t give a shit what people say about him. He had a good laugh. Until he saw the reviews that made fun of Travis. He was not a happy camper.

Brad: Let’s focus on the fact that the three of you are almost universally adored.

Quentin: It’s our mixture of snark and dashing good looks.

Brad: I’m glad to see success hasn’t gone to your head, Q.

Quentin: We’re going to be bigger than Elvis.

Brad: Right. Good luck with that, boys. What are you going to see next week?

Jason: 21 and Over.

Brad: That looks like fun.

Quentin: It can’t be worse than Hansel & Gretel.

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  1. A girl can never have enough little brothers, and you three would do anyone proud! *hugs*